I'm Kathryn Lauder, a NZ based Music teacher.

Welcome to Music eLearning.

This is where you'll find  online courses that make self directed study easy for busy, motivated music students, allowing them to:

Free up more of their individual or class lesson time for practical work

Develop their musicianship between lessons

Boost their exam and assignment results.



My experiences as both a classroom and private music teacher have made me aware of how time pressured the learning environment can be in school music departments and in the private music studio. Sometimes this means that students and teachers are under stress to cover the curriculum in the limited time available and it can be hard to cover concepts in much depth.


I initially created this platform, Music eLearning, with my own piano students in mind. I was finding that, for many of my students, I needed to use the full 30 minute lesson time to learn repertoire and develop technique properly.  I didn’t want my students to miss out on learning the knowledge and skills they needed to develop as musicians and so I worked at creating an elearning solution that would allow motivated students to cover content in a self-directed way and check in with me, when they needed to.


Then, in my role as an itinerant music teacher, I discovered that many of my colleagues were experiencing similar frustrations and found that it was particularly challenging to cover the scope of knowledge that NZ NCEA Level 3 students needed to know for their Harmonic and Tonal Conventions exam syllabus over the year.  I set myself the challenge of designing an elearning programme that I would host on this site, specifically to help students achieve their potential in this Level 3 Achievement Standard and to relieve some of the pressure for busy, dedicated music teachers. It’s been exciting to have worked alongside a number of schools and to have heard stories of some students who after switching to the learning programme, gained the clarity they needed to lift their grade from a bare achieved in their mock assessment to an excellence in their final exam.