AS 91421 Learning programme


Support your NCEA Level 3 Music students who are working towards the final Harmonic and Tonal Conventions exam.  The seven online courses in this learning programme provide the knowledge they need to answer questions in their exam with accuracy, clarity and insight. Digital quiz and reporting features allow you track their progress through the programme in a teacher dashboard area.

Access until 2 December 2022.



The learning programme is made up of 7 online courses which explain the principles which underpin many of the conventions that are evident in tonal music. The courses are organised into a natural progression for learning and are designed for students to work through over the year leading towards their final exam.


The first half of the programme focuses on introducing the requirements of the achievement standard and on working through the knowledge, underlying concepts and terminology students need. The courses in the second half of the programme focus on giving students skills and plenty of practice in applying that knowledge through musical analysis and harmonisation.


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