AS91421 Exam Prep

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An interactive, video based revision course providing strategies and practice questions to help Level 3 students write good answers in their Harmonic and Tonal Conventions Exam.



An interactive, video based revision course providing strategies and practice questions to help Level 3 Music students write good answers in their Harmonic and Tonal Conventions Exam.

In the course, students will find an overview of the questions that have typically featured in the exam over the last few years and simple video tutorials which outline step by step, how to answer them well. The course allows students to check whether their exam answers are likely to be marked as correct through a range of self-marking digital quizzes which are in the style of past exam papers. It also gives them the opportunity to practise their harmonisation skills by providing downloadable harmonisation tasks which they can complete along with video guidance.

Course access to 2 December 2022.


Kathryn Lauder BMus(HONS), DipTch(Sec)

Hi, I’m Kathryn.

I’m a music teacher, composer and pianist.

Over the years of teaching the NCEA Level 3 Harmonic and Tonal Conventions standard, I’ve discovered that students sometimes have difficulty writing convincing answers in their  exam. Students can be unsure of how to apply the music theory they’ve learnt during the year to the exam itself and sometimes end up leaving questions blank.


When I put this course together, my goal was to provide simple strategies that students could apply to exam questions and to demonstrate clearly how these could be used to make answering challenging questions a little easier. I also wanted to give students the opportunity to practice these skills and so I’ve placed interactive elearning activities and digital quizzes throughout the course, so students can see how they’re doing.


I have been involved in Musical activities since starting piano lessons at 4 years old. I have a BMus(Hons) degree with first class honours in composition from Auckland University, which I completed after undergraduate study majoring in both Performance piano and composition. Over my career in Music Education I have been in charge of Academic Music at Diocesan School for Girls,(Auckland) been HOD Music at Bethlehem College, (Tauranga) and have completed contractual work for both NZQA and the Ministry of Education. I currently work in Rotorua where I’m an itinerant music teacher and also private piano teacher. I have a growing, passionate interest in web development.


This online resource is absolutely brilliant. It not only gives systematically clear explanations of the required skills for the Level 3 Harmonic and Tonal Analysis exam, but students are carefully guided in how to best respond to the questions, in order to perform their absolute best in the exam. Any student wanting to be thoroughly prepared for the AS91421 external exam will benefit considerably from this resource, and it will be a welcome support for teachers in this time when teaching and study opportunities have been greatly impacted

Catherine Graham – HOD Music, Bethlehem College

Kathryn has produced another awesome music resource. I love this course in particular as it guides you through the entire paper and all the knowledge you need to attempt this standard. There are interactive learning moments throughout to test your knowledge and the videos are clear and concise and very easy to follow. It builds on the basic elements, roman numerals, jazz chords, cadences, modulation and more. Could be used in a class setting or completed as an individual. I cannot recommend this enough

Marcy Stunell – TIC Music and Performing Arts, Rotorua Lakes High School

I found the eLearning course extremely helpful in preparing for my Level 3 exam. It was easy to follow, structured well, and I felt prepared for each of the three questions.  Overall, it gave me the best shot possible to gain an Excellence!

-Carly Williams (Level 3 student Western Heights High School, Rotorua)